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Mission Statement

We believe that football is best played on and off the pitch. That is why we commit to the relationship between the members and the management so that we have the most professional and enjoyable club at the level our members are. 

The Club's Teams

Earlsfield FC Logo (Black).png

Earlsfield FC 
First Team


Intermediate 1

Manager: Craig Cook

Coach: Jonny Regan

Sponsor: BigTele

Earlsfield FC FINAL.png

Earlsfield FC
Second Team


Division 3


Manager: Albi Pire

Sponsor: BigTele

Club History

Earlsfield FC was formed in 2017 by Matt Jackson, his aim was to create the most organised and well-run amateur club in London. Matt wanted to build a club where winning trophies and a great social offering came hand in hand.


August 2017 - Club Founded with one XI, based on some friends, a few trialists and one generous sponsor


May 2018 - The 17s finished 4th in the Bill Tutt League 1 and lose the League Cup Final on Pens. A good first season!


July 2018 – Brentnal FC who finished 9th the season before, merge with Earlsfield to form Earlsfield’s second team (18s)


May 2019 – the 17s are promoted  having finished 2nd in the Bill Tutt League 1 and reach the Semi-Final of the League Cup.


The newly formed Earlsfield 18s finish 4th in the Harry Alderton Premier League and also reach the Semi-Final of the League Cup.


July 2019 – Merton Orient, another Bill Tutt League team merge with Earlsfield to create the club’s third team, (The 19s)


March 2020 – COVID stops all leagues and finishes the season early.

All teams are halted in their hunt for promotion. The 17s sat in 5th with games in hand, the 18s in pole position and the 19s 4th with games in hand.

June 2020 - Earlsfield 19s disband due to a lack of depth in their squad. Several players stay on in the club joining the other two teams.


July 2020 – Sporting Club Balham, a Southern Sunday League side merge with Earlsfield to create the club’s third team (Sundays).

December 2020 - after a start and stop season, COVID causes another lockdown and cease of play.


April 2021 – COVID causes a delay in restart to the year. The Wimbledon & District League abandon the leagues for a COVID cup instead. The team were 4 points clear at the top of the league at point of cancellation. The SSEC league continues with a congested fixture list and the Southern Sunday league abandons their league for a COVID Cup.

June 2021 - Earlsfield finish 4th in the SSEC Intermediate 2 division.


July 2021 – Earlsfield secure a double promotion! We now sit in the top divisions of both the Wimbledon & District League as well as the SSEC.


May 2022 – Earlsfield finish 3rd in the Wimbledon & District Premier Division in a highly successful season following their promotion in the previous year. They also bow out in the League Cup Semi Finals.

June 2022 - Earlsfield finish 10th in the SSEC Intermediate 1 division, following their promotion in the previous season. They also bow out in the League Cup Quarter Finals.


August 2022 – Earlsfield Sunday team are dissolved after key losses within their management team and being unable to find suitable replacements. The remaining players join local team London Ravens. 

September 2022 - Earlsfield decide to combine their two Saturday teams to focus on a strong performance in the SSEC Intermediate 1 division for the upcoming season. 


Earlsfield are on the hunt for a competing position in the league whilst looking to recruit for the introduction of the second team for the 23/24 season

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